Device as a Service with Apple Finance Services

At a Glance

As a part of our managed service offerings we can include device provision and offload ownership expenses for our customers. This allows schools and business to include it's device fleet and it's management as a part of their operational expenses and utilise Device as a Service (DaaS) underpinned by the Apple Financial Services.

When employees have access to the tools they love, they’re happier and more engaged. That’s why more businesses and schools are embracing Apple technology. With Apple Financial Services (AFS) it’s easier than ever for education sector and businesses to bring Apple products into their workplaces in a way that is simple and cost-effective to procure, deploy, and support. 

Bring iPad into your school and business with 0% interest and a flexible upgrade at the end of year two or the option to offer to make a final payment to own the product through Apple Financial Services.  Apple Financial Services enables business and education customers to provide the best tools for their employees, with flexible financing.

Innovative Payment Models

Apple products are built to last. They retain some of the highest residual values in the industry. We work directly with Apple Financial Services, who guarantee the future value of products upfront to create compelling financial structures for your customers. The result is cost-effective for the customer, and can help them to open up brand new opportunities.

Flexible Upgrade Cycles 

Apple Financial Services aligns to customers’ needs today, while helping them keep their future options open. So the customer always has complete control of their refresh cycles. Apple Financial Services ensure that customers don’t have to make a decision about owning the product today — they can make that decision in the future with customer-friendly end-of-term options. As a result, Apple Financial Services can help customers stay current with the latest Apple products. 


We can’t afford Apple products

Leasing with AFS is a great way to reduce your costs by paying for the device as you use it. You can achieve up to 30% savings by putting your devices on a lease with Apple Financial Services.


We don’t know if we want to own the devices

Leasing with Apple Financial Services allows you to delay the ownership decision until later.


We may want to upgrade early

Apple Financial Services has leases with upgrade options that allow you to get the latest technology when you want it.


We don’t lease or finance

Leasing allows you to pay for devices as you use them and provides operational flexibility and ownership control.